Establishment of World Peace Centre, Alandi

As a token of respect to the 13th century saint - Sant Dnyaneshwar - and to further his spiritual teachings, World Peace Centre was set-up in Alandi, near Pune in 1996, after the World Philosophers Meet - Parliament of Science, Philosophy & Religion, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Karad. The Centre was inaugurated in the presence of Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Vishveshtirtha, Mr. Francine Fornier (UNESCO) and Mr. Claes Nobel. This remarkable work deserves to be recorded in golden letters in the history of world peace.

World Peace Centre emerged from the belief in Sant Dnyaneshwar’s teachings that the whole universe is a manifestation of pure intelligence and consciousness. It also takes inspiration from Albert Einstein’s words, “I believe in God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of the universe, and I believe that intelligence is manifested throughout nature.” The Centre’s philosophy springs from the fact that all the great sages, saints, seers and scientists around the world, had a common goal – Welfare of humanity.

The Centre is establishing a Culture of Peace in a systematic and organized manner through education and training, which covers aspects such as open-mindedness, sustainable economic and social development, democratic participation, freedom of expression and respect for human rights. The Centre has always been at the forefront of social work and disaster relief. During the devastating Kosi floods in Bihar in 2008, World Peace Centre helped nearly 10,000 affected families by sending necessary items such as food, clothes, utensils and medicines with a team of about 50 dedicated and committed students and staff. Similar, aid has also been provided in Maharashtra and other states.

A number of free healthcare and diagnostic camps are conducted by the Centre for the underprivileged. These camps include distribution of free medicines, spectacles, wheelchairs, prosthetic devices, etc. wherever needed.