Avantika University, Ujjain

Established in 2015, Avantika University is India’s first design centred university, driven by the spirit of design thinking. It provides a unique academic model, which blends the disciplines of design and technology. The value-driven, project-based education framework that offers programs in design and engineering is developed by a team of passionate professionals and academicians. It is mentored by Dr. Sanjay Dhande, former Director of IIT Kanpur. Based in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, the objective is to nurture and cultivate young minds who will function as informed citizens. Life at Avantika University is meant to pique the curiosity of students and question the way things operate in the real world by stimulating the intellect. This inspires students to reinvent themselves. Resources include digital libraries, world-class residential facilities, knowledge centres, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The learning environment here offers students the freedom to think and seamlessly interact with faculty members. The diverse outreach of the University provides connect with world leaders to stay abreast of professional developments through lectures, seminars and practical sessions. Research and teaching on this future-focused campus concentrates on the interface between disciplines, such as the merging of business education with big data, computer science and digital innovation. The University follows Experiential Learning - a process through which students develop knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences. It covers the aspects of Act (get concrete experience), Reflect (look back and assess), Conceptualize (understand from the experience) and Apply (use the insights gained in practice). The Directorate of Industry Relations established to provide expert guidance, develops a culture of entrepreneurship, provides professional exposure and guides students beyond the curriculum. Avantika University practices the Self Development Learning System (SDLS) methodology, which empowers students to conduct various industry connect activities for skill and empathy development. A student committee works with the objective to plan, organise and execute inspirational, leadership and social service projects, through themes such as SparkTalks (by speakers from diverse industries), The Bodhi Tree (expertize sharing by young entrepreneurs), Industrial Mind Restoration – IMR (by stepping out of the campus to learn by observation) and Crusaders for Tomorrow (building empathy and a sense of giving back to the society).