Mrudang Distribution and Devotional Concert, Alandi

Prof. Dr. Karad and the MAEER’s MIT born out of his vision, have always believed in blending modern education with spirituality. This vision has percolated in all the endeavours of Prof. Dr. Karad, including the cultural activities that invoke the spirit of devotion among the masses.

Taking inspiration from the words of his elder sister – Prayagakka – Prof. Dr. Karad built several ghats along the Indrayani River and established the Alandi-Dehu-Pandharpur Parisar Vikas Samiti and World Peace Centre under MAEER’s MIT. The resultant pure and clean environs of these temple towns regularly resonate to the devotion of Warkaris who have been continuing the tradition of Pandharpur Wari for centuries.

Another landmark event along the beautified banks of Indrayani was the first ever All India Pakhwaj-Mrudang Sammelan organized by the World Peace Centre in February 2016, in association with Akhil Bhartiya Mrudangacharya Sanghatana, on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Prof. Dr. Karad. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the Chief Guest on this occasion, while renowned Kirtankar HBP Shri. Baba Maharaj Satarkar presided over the event. HBP Shri. Maruti Maharaj Kurhekar was the Guest of Honour. Also present were Swami Paripurnanand, spiritual teacher and Shri. Palghat Mani Raghu, noted Mrudang player and Padma Shri.

World Peace Centre distributed nearly 75 Pakhwaj/Mrudang to young promising players from the Warkari community. The occasion was marked by nearly 9,000 Pakhwaj/Mrudang players performing on the banks of Indrayani in Alandi. It was indeed a memorable event that filled the temple town in devotional bliss.